Jobs and Workforce Development

The goal is not just to have a job, it is to have a good job and ensure that all citizens have access to train and develop skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing technological environment.

We must put as much or more effort into helping local businesses expand as we do to attracting new companies to the state. 

We must structure incentives and workforce development training to account for areas with higher unemployment. Unemployment levels vary across the state. We must help ensure that all counties and towns are included in the current economic expansion.

We will make sure local career and technical colleges have the resources needed to train for current workforce needs as well as develop skills for developing industries and skill sets.

Law and Order

Respect for law and order is a fundamental necessity for a stable society. 

We must ensure that processes are in place to fully support law enforcement agencies while making sure there are clear channels of communication for the general public when concerns arise.


We must ensure that the quality of law enforcement training is consistent across the state and provide consistent follow-up and monitoring to ensure interactions with the public and outcomes are consistent for all citizens.

We must clearly define roles and responsibilities between different levels of law enforcement in the event that serious issues or concerns arise.  

Fiscal Responsibility

It is immoral to spend money we do not currently have and expect future generations to pay for it. 

While Tennessee is currently in relatively good financial shape, we must ensure that policies or initiatives created today do not overcommit financial resources based on inflated revenue projections. 

Before increasing any department budgets, we must look at the current spending and make sure it is being used efficiently and have measurable goals to be achieved with any new spending. 


We must lessen the testing burden the state requires as it focuses on results of standardized tests.

In order to fairly hold teachers accountable we must focus as much on the process of preparation, delivery and student engagement as we do on results of standardized tests.

We must ensure that all high school students have access to hands-on training to set them up for success in the workforce once they graduate.