Thank You!

I have truly been inspired traveling around Tennessee over the last year. So many stories of compassion, people going out of their way to do good. So many acts of random of kindness from people who had no idea who I was. And so many opportunities to help others.

I also learned that, despite what you hear on the news or social media, there is so much more that brings us together than tears us apart. I know more than ever that the idea this campaign started on, bringing people together to create long-term solutions for all Tennesseans, does not need to end just because election season is over. I don't know exactly what the future holds for me, but I know my heart for building a coalition of people from varied backgrounds to make a positive change in Tennessee is stronger than ever. No doubt if we come together and tackle the issues in a way that puts people first...

The Best Is Yet To Come!

2nd Among Independents, 4th Overall

For those that believed in the message and gave up time and energy to support the campaign is so  many different ways... saying THANK YOU just doesn't seem like enough. Because of you we ended up 2nd among independents and 4th overall in the election for governor. I don't know what the future holds, but I would be honored for each and everyone of you to join me in the journey.


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